Submitting a sample from outside the UK



We welcome submission of samples from outside the UK and have created easy to follow guides to ensure all the necessary documentation is completed and the sample is sent correctly, according to relevant regulations. This can be found in our Practice Portal.


If you have any questions or require any additional support, please contact our Technical Support Team at and we will be happy to help.

Globe focused on Africa
Helpful checklist for serological allergy testing:


Use the checklist below to aid optimal sampling timing & preparation prior to submission.


  • A diagnosis of allergic disease has been made
  • The animal was symptomatic when the sample was taken (this is the optimum time to sample)
  • The animal is not on / has not recently been on any medication which could interfere with test results
  • The animal has not been on a restricted diet for at least 8 weeks (applicable to food test only)
  • The sample has been spun down to provide serum and to reduce the risk of haemolysis
  • All samples are clearly labelled and minimum sample requirements adhered to