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Research and development is at the heart of our business. Our in-house team of experienced scientists use leading technologies and techniques to produce high performance allergy tests meeting rigorous quality control standards, ensuring that we provide serology results you can trust. To view our peer-reviewed publications, please go to ‘Our Research’ page.

All of the tests we offer have been developed by our team and are run on-site at our laboratory in West Yorkshire. They are the foundation of our Avacta Allergy+TM portfolio, which is designed to be clear and simple to use, whilst providing you with the tests you need to work up your allergy cases.



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  • Provide clear, easily interpreted results in a visual format that can be shared with owners
  • Require withdrawal from fewer medications prior to testing and are less invasive and more time efficient compared to intradermal testing
  • Boast a quick standard turnaround time of 2-4 days
  • Include highly specific assays, using monoclonal antibodies for IgE detection
  • Have been supported by numerous peer-reviewed publications
  • Are evidence-based tests with excellent reproducibility


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An ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) is a biochemical method for determining the concentration of a desired material, typically an antibody or another protein of interest, within a complex protein mixture (such as serum). For example, Avacta’s SENSITEST® IgE ELISA detects the concentration of allergen-specific IgE antibody in an animal’s serum against a particular allergen. For more detailed information about ELISA’s, please visit the Practice Portal.



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Following extensive research, Avacta Animal Health has developed its own unique CCD blocker. This is incorporated into to all of our canine and feline IgE environmental assays.


You can find more information on CCDs and their relevance below.

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