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Support through the allergy season

Now that allergy season is upon us and more of your patients are fully symptomatic, we want to reassure you that our diagnostic testing services, supply of therapies and serum storage facilities are all available and operating as normal.


With physical examinations currently a challenge, taking opportunities to reduce future potential visits is important; this is where our dedicated serum storage facility can help.


Available free of charge, we will store your sample until you are ready to test (we’ll check in with you after 3 months), allowing you time to complete the case work-up knowing the serum is safely banked.


This service also enables you to:

1. Test when your patient is most symptomatic
2. Time sampling so it avoids any interference with medication
3. Wait for insurance approval
4. Allow the owner time to make a decision on allergy testing


To use the serum storage facility, simply request this option on your sample submission form. Click here for full details on submitting a sample.


If you already have blood stored with us, don’t forget you can contact us to run your samples at any point convenient to you.


For further in-depth support with remote management of your allergy cases including: species specific dermatology questionnaires, dermatology consultation summary sheets, food trial guidance and owner education materials, register for access to the new Avacta Animal Health Practice Portal by clicking here: Practice Portal 


If you have any questions or we can be of any assistance at all, contact our Technical Support Team by email at and they will be happy to help.

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